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PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets Empty PP Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Post by admin Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:19 am

JX, as a leading manufacturer of pp corrugated sheet lowes in China, can provide custom fluted polypropylene sheets manufacturing service and quality pp corrugated sheets wholesale to automotive companies and signage industries and so on. Every cilent can design the colors, shades, sizes( 4x8 or others) and private logo of the custom made products.
PP Corrugated Sheet, a twin wall profile extrusion, connected by a series of vertical ribs, also can be called corflute sheet, correx sheet, coroplast sheet, fluted polypropylene sheet, corrugated plastic sheet, polypropylene corrugated sheet and so on. It can be used in the fields of food industry, beverage, textile, packaging, advertising, construction, agriculture, hardware, layer pad industries and others. PP corrugated sheets look like be composed of three layers - two flat sheets and a ribbed center layer, but In fact, they consist of two layers, often be named twinwall plastic. Polypropylene corrugated sheet is usually made from polypropylene which can be recycled, This material also has a high melting point, can be used for some microwave containers, and it doesn't break down easily since it doesn’t react with water, acids, or bases, soit. What's more, polypropylene is a material which is quite durable, so the correx sheet can withstand the daily wear and tear.

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