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What makes the night vision spy camera superior to others? Apart from the obvious fact – making video footage at night, this type of camera is also great because of the battery life. If you’re wondering what does night-vision mode have with the battery, it is because these cameras only work when there’s something going on in the room they monitor.
Another great thing about this type of nanny cams is that they’re virtually impossible to spot. Despite being capable of making nigh footage, these cams do not emit any light. This means that the burglars will have no idea they’re being filmed. The fact that they don’t produce any light (nor sound, as a matter a fact) means that there’s no need for this cam to be super tiny or hidden inside of another device. Because of that, most night vision hidden spy cameras are very affordable!Of course, all of the above is true only if you choose a spy camera of a superb quality. This is where we step in. As finding the best night vision spy camera is a very difficult task, you will need our help. The market in 2018 is filled with literally hundreds of thousands of offers, so finding one nanny cam that will serve you well for years is not easy. The good news is that we’ve already done the difficult part – we have managed to find the 5 spy cams, each of which deserves to be called the best night vision hidden camera! It’s up to you now to choose the one that suits your needs the most!

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