Duel System

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Duel System

Post by zeus on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:43 pm

Duel System

Available Commands

/duel [player] [bet]
( Used to sent a duel request to a player. )
( The amount of bet is in Asian Dollar. )

( To accept the pending request of duel. )
( The bet amount will be taken upon accepting duel. )

( To deny the pending request of duel. )

( To leave the duel once started and accept the lose. )
( Once a player leave the opponent will win no matter how many rounds are completed. )

( To watch the duel once started. )

/stopwatchingduel   or   /swduel
( To stop watching the duel once started. )

Duel Features

  • Duel is done in a specific location specially created for duel.
  • The winner will get the bet amount as a reward.
  • If a player leave duel or leave server for any reason, no matter how many rounds have been completed the opponent will win in that case and get the reward amount.

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