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VIP System

Post by zeus on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:41 pm

VIP System

Available Commands

( Used to check vips online in server. )

/buyvip <1> days
( To buy vip package 1. second argument is days. )

/buyvip <2> hours
( To buy vip package 2. second argument is hours. )

Package 1 Features
Cost 4-AD per day.
The days will be real days and the time will be counted even when player is offline.

Package 2 Features
Cost 10-AD per hour.
The days will be server hours and the time will be counted only when player is online.

Package Difference
For package 1 the time is counted even if player is offline same as a normal vip system but for package 2 the time is counted only when player is online in server means the time is the same as playing time.

VIP Features

  • Healing/Teleportation/Processes etc is free of cost.
  • 3 seconds of wait upon any process/teleportation etc for normal players it's 5 seconds.
  • For normal players upon death $50 is taken from them while from vips $50 is taken.
  • For normal players upon kill $100 is rewarded to them while for vips $150 is rewarded.

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