Server Rules [MUST READ]

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Server Rules [MUST READ]

Post by admin on Mon Jan 30, 2017 11:44 am

No breaching accounts

In conjunction with the above rule, each applying player is granted exactly one account. Any attempt to coerce administrators into resetting a password that is not yours, exploiting the server to join an account that is not yours, registering for the event multiple times or otherwise joining under any nickname under the one you were given will result in a permanent ban.

No spamming

Flooding the public chat, team chat or IRC with repeated messages or random garbage, is frowned upon and may result in you being muted or kicked.

The following game exploits/features are not allowed
HP hacks: infinite health/vehicle health, refilling HP by illegal means [only video as evidence]

No abusing administrative powers
Any attempts from moderators or administrators to use the commands they were entrusted with to give their team or themselves an unfair advantage over opponents or for any purpose other than enforcing these rules will result in demotion.[/size]

1. Don't use any cheats.
Don't use any cheats which gives you any advantages or/and advantage.
Punishment: banned.

Also you can check /rules ingame

Thank you.

Other Rules
- Death evading: disallowed. Pausing, using /kill, /q, crashing manually (F12), evading via /goto, /gotoloc and similiar things is disallowed. Falling off the roof/into water/things of this nature are allowed. Death evading will result in a temp-ban.
- Bug abuse: this is disallowed and includes both VCMP bugs and server bugs. If a bug is found then a player should report it to the staff. If a bug is abused, it will result in a long-term ban.
- Attacking the server, hijacking accounts and similiar things will result in a permanent ban. This is any attempt to crash the server/the script, giving out other player's passwords, etcetra.
- Constantly lagging (ping or FPS) can result in a kick. Intentionally lowering your FPS however, will result in temp-bans.
- Team griefing - joining a team to intentionally interfere with your team's ability to shoot, communicate or play is forbidden. Will result in warnings, kicks, if persists - a tempban.
- Stats padding: an act in which one increases his  /stats without engaging in 'real' combat, e.g joining the server with another user/account and killing him repeatadly without him fighting back. Will result in a temp-ban, but if repeated then longer bans + possible stat resets.
- Obeying staff: a player is to “obey” the commands issued to him by staff members; if they're unfair (admin abuse) then he should still proceed with them but not hesitate to make a report afterwards. The punishment is decided by the admin – but again, anything that is a long ban duration will be looked at by the management.
- Mute evade:  being muted by either the server or an admin and rejoining is not allowed – if the mute is unfair, then the player should not rejoin and prepare a report – rejoining will give a reason for the abuser (if unfair) to ban you. Will result in a re-mute. T-Bans should only be issued in severe cases; if a player constantly evades mutes.
- VPN usage: VPN usage is disallowed no matter why is it used. If a player does not stop using it after warnings, kicks then he will be banned.
- Impersonation: claiming to be someone/not denying it when asked or using a staff member's nickname. Will result in a temp-ban. Keep in mind using a nick similiar to a nick of another player isn't impersonating. Person Y claiming to be Person X is impersonation.
- The popular 'no grass mod' so far will be allowed. It is impossible to control which users use it and which ones don't and until such a method is implemented this mod IS ALLOWED.
- Spawn-killing on SPAWNLOC locations is allowed; however on default spawn locations it is not and will result in a temp-ban.
- Using any 3rd party programs that give advantage is disallowed unless stated otherwise by the management.

Glitching rules

Wall glitching: inflicting damage from inside of a wallbreach (for example, the old duel loc) to the outside is now disallowed, regardless if the wallbreach is accessible on foot or not. Will result in a tempban. Inflicting damage when outside of a wallbreach to the inside of a wallbreach is disallowed as well.
- Sliding glitch/cheat: self-explanatory. Not the crouch slide that occurs because of 0.4's sync. Kick and a temp-ban.
- Using the RPG: Fast-switching and shooting is allowed; using the RPG in close distances (<20 meters): fighting in close quarters and suddenly pulling out the RPG and shooting is disallowed, however staying in the aim-mode (camping) and shooting someone as he comes out of a corner is allowed even if it's relatively close. Kick, then temp-ban.
- Killing someone/heli-killing from under the map: disallowed. Kick, then temp-ban.. Please note that flying under the map or simply being under it  is allowed, as long as you are not attacking anyone.
- Ghost city bug: while interiors de facto no longer exist, this bug is not fully gone. Any of you caught using anything to enable it will be punished with a permanent ban.

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